2021 Registration fees

  • Registration will be effective after payment by bank transfer of the fees to the EUTIC conference account (IBAN: BE50 6111 9825 3118 – BIC: DEUTBEBE). For payments by check, please contact us.
  • Registration fees for access to the conference, proceedings (online), coffee breaks.
  • The conference meal is charged in addition.
  • Each paper is subject to registration fees and must be presented orally by at least one of its authors.
  • All participants in the conference must be paid a fee (with or without communication).
  • The members of the steering committee are registered in law for the conference and do not have to pay the registration fee.
Payment registered before september 15th From september 16th
Doctoral students (unemployed, proof required) 100 € 120 €
Academics and researchers 200 € 250 €
Non-academics 270 € 320 €
Dinner 60 € 70 €